• Extraction Equipment is used in extraction of Chinese herbal medicine, tea, coffee, Health food.
  • Follow the regulation of cGMP, PIC/S, GMP.
  • Place the herbal medicine into the basket and use the crane for easy ascending and descending operations.
  • Automated control can help one understand the time of extraction process and temperature control, which can be obtained from the control system.
  • The condenser behind the Extraction Tank can recycle the alcoholic solvent and essential oil from the cooking process.
  • High condensing efficiency, available uses circulating cooling water, doesn’t need to use ice machine, can according to customer’s demand.
  • Automatically open and close the lid, no need for man to lock the lid one by one.
  • In the process of locking the lid, the lid is tightly engaged with serrated teeth shape, with explosion-proof, despite high cost, but more to ensure safety of personnel.
  • Specification for pressure vessels.